Rugged FIRE ENGINE #2 watercolor painting ~ Nantucket Fire Department Outland 4x4 fire truck firefighter ~ Original 8x10 - NOT a print

Nantucket is a beautiful and unique island off the coast of Massachusetts. I am honored to have a relative who works for the Nantucket Fire Department, and I created this fire engine watercolor painting design in honor of him. This Outland style truck has 4×4 “extreme off-road use” capabilities. It’s a pretty badass looking fire apparatus!

I am offering this fire truck design at my Etsy shop, where you can personalize the truck with your location or word(s) of choice (see driver side door on truck image for word placement). In addition, you can choose a one digit number to adorn the truck.  This is an original, made-to-order piece of art (not a digitally created print), and it can be customized by selecting a color scheme of your choice. In addition, I can add words or minor details to the painting if you would like to further personalize the artwork.

This painting would be a unique and cool piece of art for a fire house, playroom, transportation themed bedroom, etc. I have a handful of other truck watercolors available in my Cool Trucks Series, so be sure to check them out!

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