Pineapple Decor Personalized Welcome Sign - Foyer Wall Art - Pineapple Wall Art, Custom Housewarming Gift, Hostess Gift, New Home Gift Ideas

This Pineapple Welcome Sign watercolor painting is a pretty and unique piece of art to hang in your foyer. It also makes a great hostess gift or present for housewarming parties! The pineapple has been considered a sign of welcoming in Europe and Colonial North America, dating back to the 1500s. It is a symbol of luxury and hospitality, due to its rarity during the previous centuries. Many homes sport a pineapple motif door knocker or pineapple welcome sign.

This Pineapple Welcome Sign painting can be personalized with a color scheme of your choosing. In addition, you can specify a name or word(s) of choice above the pineapple. For example, you might request “Welcome” or consider personalizing it with your surname.  Check out the details here!


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