EXCAVATOR John Deere 670G construction truck watercolor painting playroom office wall art decor digger trucks ~ Original 8x10 - NOT a print

I am currently working on a new watercolor painting series of “Cool Trucks” – a special request from my nephew! The first truck is an Excavator, sometimes referred to as a digger.  I based my painting on a production-class excavator, and portrayed it in my artsy positive-negative painting style.  This is a big and powerful excavator weighing around 71 tons, with a digging depth capacity of 30 feet. The painting makes for a unique and attractive wall art for those kids and adults who love construction trucks!

This is an original piece of art (not a computer print-out), and it can be customized by selecting a color scheme of your choice. In addition, I can add words or minor details to the painting if you would like to further personalize the artwork. I think this EXCAVATOR would look great in any of my color schemes, though I love how it turned out in my Rose-Orange-Yellow scheme.  You can view the listing on Etsy here.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my Cool Trucks Series!

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