ENGLISH SETTER art ~ puppy two value artistic original watercolor painting ~ dog wall decor ~ AKC sporting bird dog English setters

Check out my cool new dog painting! I am very happy with how this experimental artsy painting of my English Setter pup turned out. I took a photo of Baxter when he was maybe 8 months old, lounging on the deck with his tongue out. He’s always been a happy go lucky dog. This painting is a derivation of that photo, with the light portions blank  (untouched  watercolor paper) and the dark areas painted using my Tan-Ultramarine color scheme. Down the road, I may experiment by offering this painting as prints, and I probably will try painting it again in additional color schemes. Let me know in the comments if there’s a color scheme that appeals to you for this painting. Here’s the listing at my Etsy shop!

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