Welcome to my new site, Blue Jay Bay!

I’ve started this blog to share snippets of my creative pursuits. My interests include gardening, cooking, photography, and bird watching, plus I am currently focusing on watercolor painting techniques. In addition, I’ll occasionally take on an embroidery or sewing project. I like to dip my toes into many endeavors, and I have various unfinished projects… But that’s ok! I am a scientist by training, having studied and worked in the fields of botany, ecology, horticulture, molecular biology, forensic science, cartography, and geospatial sciences. I’m currently a stay-at-home mother to two sweet little girls.

I have chosen to name my creative blog Blue Jay Bay because I love the color blue, I think blue jays are beautiful, and I feel most peaceful when near the water. Plus it rhymes.

Here is a selection of water scenes I have photographed in and around Casco Bay in Maine, in no particular order. They are minimally processed – my editing is limited to contrast and color balancing.

Misty morning on the bay, 8/16/2007; Maine

8/16/2007: Misty morning sunrise on the bay; Casco Bay, Maine

7/14/2011: Moonrise and a lovely reflection over Casco Bay; Chebeague Island, Maine

7/15/2013: Picturesque little cove and island at low tide; Harpswell, Maine

7/18/2013: A seagull nicknamed “Flower Petal” enjoys a rocky perch; Bailey Island, Maine

7/11/2011: Patriotic view off the bow of the CTC ferry; Casco Bay, Maine

7/14/2011: Lovely sun ray striation in the clouds; Chebeague Island, Maine

8/16/2007: Here comes the Maquoit II; Casco Bay, Maine

7/15/2011: Pink moon on the rise, with lovely pink reflection on Casco Bay; Chebeague Island, Maine

7/10/2010: Purple sunset + fog makes for a beautiful scene on Casco Bay; Chebeague Island, Maine

7/23/2011: The sky was grand this morning (our last day on the island for who knows how long); Chebeague Island, Maine

7/15/2010: Strong reflection off the bay; Casco Bay, Maine

8/16/2007: Trying to get my ducks in a row; Casco Bay, Maine

7/4/2009: Rainbow over Crow Island; Chebeague Island, Maine

8/16/2007: Lobster boat on the move on a hazy day on Casco Bay; Casco Bay, Maine

8/16/2007: The sun has risen; Casco Bay, Maine

Please note that all images on this site are copyrighted by me. Do not use my images without permission. All images © 2004-2015 Blue Jay Bay.


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