I am not a fan of commuting, but it has its benefits. There are certain times of year when your evening commute coincides with the sunset.  You never know when you might find an incredibly colorful sky in the most ordinary of places (e.g. the suburbs of northern Virginia). Way back in 1999, I spent a semester studying tropical biology in Costa Rica. My absolute favorite time of the day was my evening commute, when I would embark on a 50 minute walk out of the cloud forests of Monteverde, down a mountainside dirt road, and into the nearby town of Santa Elena. The sunsets as viewed from that mountainside were just beyond description. As this was pre-cell phones and pre-digital cameras, I carry those pictures in my memory. Nowadays, I try to time my dog walking endeavors with the sunset in the hopes the sky will be painted for Baxter and I to enjoy.

Summery sunset in Virginia

Summery sunset in Virginia (July 2015)

March madness in the sky, part 1

March madness in the sky, part 1 (March 2015)

March madness in the sky, part 2

March madness in the sky, part 2 (March 2015)

Sunset at home (February 2015)

Sunset at home (February 2015)

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