Love for Idaho

Love for Idaho

The Palouse + More In This Idaho Map

Idaho is a recent addition to my Places You Love series of abstract watercolor maps.  My husband and I had the pleasure to visit this gorgeous state 10 years ago, to spend a week with good friends who had relocated from Virginia to Moscow, ID.  The scenery was like nothing I’d ever seen growing up in New England. Beautiful farmlands, scenic lakes, and incredible vistas. The Palouse was gorgeous and the people were nice. I hope to get back there someday!

For more info on my made-to-order Idaho map, see my Etsy shop.

Rolling hills in Idaho, 2007; Copyright © 2017 Blue Jay Bay, LLC

Lewiston + Clarkston, 2007; Copyright © 2017 Blue Jay Bay, LLC


Great sunsets in ordinary places

I am not a fan of commuting, but it has its benefits. There are certain times of year when your evening commute coincides with the sunset.  You never know when you might find an incredibly colorful sky in the most ordinary of places (e.g. the suburbs of northern Virginia). Way back in 1999, I spent a semester studying tropical biology in Costa Rica. My absolute favorite time of the day was my evening commute, when I would embark on a 50 minute walk out of the cloud forests of Monteverde, down a mountainside dirt road, and into the nearby town of Santa Elena. The sunsets as viewed from that mountainside were just beyond description. As this was pre-cell phones and pre-digital cameras, I carry those pictures in my memory. Nowadays, I try to time my dog walking endeavors with the sunset in the hopes the sky will be painted for Baxter and I to enjoy.

Summery sunset in Virginia

Summery sunset in Virginia (July 2015)

March madness in the sky, part 1

March madness in the sky, part 1 (March 2015)

March madness in the sky, part 2

March madness in the sky, part 2 (March 2015)

Sunset at home (February 2015)

Sunset at home (February 2015)

Welcome + photos of scenic Casco Bay

Welcome to my new site, Blue Jay Bay!

I’ve started this blog to share snippets of my creative pursuits. My interests include gardening, cooking, photography, and bird watching, plus I am currently focusing on watercolor painting techniques. In addition, I’ll occasionally take on an embroidery or sewing project. I like to dip my toes into many endeavors, and I have various unfinished projects… But that’s ok! I am a scientist by training, having studied and worked in the fields of botany, ecology, horticulture, molecular biology, forensic science, cartography, and geospatial sciences. I’m currently a stay-at-home mother to two sweet little girls.

I have chosen to name my creative blog Blue Jay Bay because I love the color blue, I think blue jays are beautiful, and I feel most peaceful when near the water. Plus it rhymes.

Here is a selection of water scenes I have photographed in and around Casco Bay in Maine, in no particular order. They are minimally processed – my editing is limited to contrast and color balancing.

Misty morning on the bay, 8/16/2007; Maine

8/16/2007: Misty morning sunrise on the bay; Casco Bay, Maine

7/14/2011: Moonrise and a lovely reflection over Casco Bay; Chebeague Island, Maine

7/15/2013: Picturesque little cove and island at low tide; Harpswell, Maine

7/18/2013: A seagull nicknamed “Flower Petal” enjoys a rocky perch; Bailey Island, Maine

7/11/2011: Patriotic view off the bow of the CTC ferry; Casco Bay, Maine

7/14/2011: Lovely sun ray striation in the clouds; Chebeague Island, Maine

8/16/2007: Here comes the Maquoit II; Casco Bay, Maine

7/15/2011: Pink moon on the rise, with lovely pink reflection on Casco Bay; Chebeague Island, Maine

7/10/2010: Purple sunset + fog makes for a beautiful scene on Casco Bay; Chebeague Island, Maine

7/23/2011: The sky was grand this morning (our last day on the island for who knows how long); Chebeague Island, Maine

7/15/2010: Strong reflection off the bay; Casco Bay, Maine

8/16/2007: Trying to get my ducks in a row; Casco Bay, Maine

7/4/2009: Rainbow over Crow Island; Chebeague Island, Maine

8/16/2007: Lobster boat on the move on a hazy day on Casco Bay; Casco Bay, Maine

8/16/2007: The sun has risen; Casco Bay, Maine

Please note that all images on this site are copyrighted by me. Do not use my images without permission. All images © 2004-2015 Blue Jay Bay.


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