Emily Caven, Iceland 2018

Hello + welcome!

My name is Emily Caven, and I am the creator of this independent art enterprise I call Blue Jay Bay. My aim is to bring happiness, fun, + vibrancy to you through my art collections.

I think of myself as a sort of Scientist-Artist hybrid. The scientist in me is always exploring and learning, applying new techniques in my creative pursuits.

Custom watercolor maps are a specialty of mine; I approach map making as an artistic expression, tapping into my cartography background and also drawing from my love of travel. (See, that's me in Iceland! 🡆🡆🡆)

My art is a mixture of realistic and abstract interpretations, and I am very fond of lively, dynamic color schemes. I often paint with a limited palette, using just two or three paint colors in a single piece of art. 

Everyone can use an extra dose of joy in their lives!



My art products are created to help you celebrate those special

people, places, + things that put a smile on your face.

Emily hugging a douglas fir giant tree in Tacoma, WA

catering to the Happiness Seekers

My paintings are fun and vibrant celebrations of the subject matter, appealing to nature lovers, travelers, pet owners, classic car lovers (especially air-cooled VWs), happiness seekers, + gift givers of many stripes.

I paint birds + plants, cool cars + dogs, maps + patterns; basically, these are subjects that bring me joy! You know what else brings me joy? Hugging a 450+ year old douglas fir while visiting Washington state! 🡄😊🌲💙

My hope is that Blue Jay Bay artwork brings happiness to those who hang it on their walls, reminding them of fun places, meaningful times, and loved ones near and far.

My Story

My childhood was based in Connecticut, enjoying Long Island Sound in all four seasons, exploring the historic charms of New England, growing up in a large Irish Catholic family, with a few dogs and cats always in the mix. 

When I was in my teens, my father and I fixed up a yellow 1970 Beetle convertible, and this sparked a forever love of classic Volkswagens! I adored that VW Bug and drove her all around town. She got regular washings and chrome polishings from me, too! 🡆💛🡆 My only complaint about the Bug was that my father refused to upgrade the "original" aka AM-only radio (insert teenage eyeroll here).

We attended many classic VW car shows, looking for inspiration and car parts, and this exposure broadened my love beyond the Beetle to basically all air-cooled / old school VWs.

A Few Chapters In Science

I spent my college years in Virginia, studying biology, being outdoorsy, and stretching my wings. I took up mountain biking, spelunking, and bird watching (though never at the same time)! Heading off to Costa Rica for a semester studying tropical ecology was a highlight of my undergraduate years.

A few years into my career path, I earned a graduate degree in geospatial sciences, which sparked a love of maps and satellite imagery, and was quite useful in my career as a multidisciplinary research scientist.

The science path appealed to my analytical nature; I constantly was learning new skills and exploring different fields as part of my career. During these years, I worked on some really cool research projects that ranged from chocolate trees to forensic science to GIS and map making.

acrylic dog portrait, work in progress

Scientist Turned Artist

In 2011, I transitioned to being home with my two little ones full time, but always felt compelled to research and explore my own pursuits. After a few years focusing on babies and toddlers, I was ready to find a new avenue for my creativity.

I began taking classes at a local art school in 2014; this opened up a major creative valve in me! I had always loved photography, but more recently I have added watercolors, sketching, and acrylics to my creative toolbox. I love to learn and relish the chance to take a new art class or workshop.

In late 2015, I started selling my art on the Etsy marketplace (where I still have a shop). I am so incredibly grateful to have established a new career path for myself, as an artist and entrepreneur. I appreciate the support of friends, family, colleagues, and people like YOU!

Emily with scrub oaks, Corolla, NC, Outer Banks

Gratitude + Love

Thanks for visiting Blue Jay Bay and reading my story... Now head over to my shop and find some fun art!

xo Emily

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Blue Jay Bay, LLC is an independent art studio based in Springfield, Virginia

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