I am both a birder and a cartographer, and I really like this map! This exceptional historic map comes from the Rumsey collection, which cataloged it as originating from the Churchman brothers’ quaintly titled geography book “Rudiments of National Knowledge, Presented To The Youth Of The United States, And To Enquiring Foreigners. By A Citizen Of Pennsylvania,” published in 1833. The form of an eagle is strikingly superimposed on a political map of the eastern United States. The talons extend down through southern Florida, the tail feathers reach into what was then the Arkansas Territory, the wings spread westward towards the Rocky Mountains, the tongue stretches into the Atlantic Ocean just north of Boston, and the eye is centered in Vermont. The map itself includes state boundaries, major cities, and hydrological features. At the time of publication, Andrew Jackson was president and there was a total of 24 states in the Union. If you are interested in exploring the cartographic and artistic details, a high resolution image can be acquired here.

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