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Here’s my latest artsy + abstract watercolor map painting of Washington, DC. I painted this map using my Tan-Ultramarine color scheme, which is a mix burnt sienna and a vivid blue that trends into attractive tans and grays. As with all of my designs, you can personalize this made-to-order painting with the text and color scheme of your choosing.

No politics here! Though if you’d like to order this map in a Republican or Democrat color scheme, I can make that happen 😉

This is a very unique, made-to-order 8×10 inch watercolor map painting of the District of Columbia. This is my artsy + abstract representation of the city boundary of Washington, DC, which was created by defining positive and negative values within the land masses, and painting the result using one of my color schemes. Every time I paint this map, it will be a ONE OF A KIND (OOAK) piece of art, because I am painting it with a combination of two different watercolor paints, which will mix in different ways each time. This painting would be a special keepsake or gift for DC residents, wedding parties, vacationers, and the like!

If desired, you can personalize the painting by requesting a small painted dot at a specific location on the map. In addition, I can hand paint text onto the map, such as a map title of your choosing, latitude and longitude, special event date, etc. Please put this information in the NOTE TO SELLER box at checkout in my Etsy shop.

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