Why A Personalized Map Is A Great Wedding Gift*

Everyone has a handful of places in this world that are meaningful to them, and newlyweds are no exception. It may be a shared hometown or home state, a place where the couple first met (aka “where it all began”), the town where they purchase their first home, or the location where they celebrate their wedding. A personalized map painted especially for the couple is a unique and thoughtful wedding gift idea.

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How the Bullet Journal Helps Me Stay Organized

This system has made a big difference in my ability to stay organized, both personally and professionally. I’m not an effortlessly organized, planner-keeping type of person, but this Bullet Journal system works well for me. I don’t use it to manage my everyday life, but I do use it to keep an ongoing list of tasks that need to be done… No more partially completed to-do lists on scraps of paper – it’s all in my journal!

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Arizona Map Watercolor Art

Inspired by the Painted Desert landscape, this watercolor map of Arizona is painted in a range of warm reds, oranges, burnt siennas, and yellows.

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Claddagh Ring Family Name Sign

This modern style Claddagh ring watercolor design symbolizes LOVE, LOYALTY, and FRIENDSHIP. The HANDS represent friendship; the HEART represents love; and the CROWN represents loyalty. It is a centuries old design that was first produced in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh, outside of Galway.

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Brooklyn Map Watercolor

No Sleep Till Brooklyn! I have designed a new map watercolor of this awesome NYC borough. This is the perfect gift for your Brooklyn hipster friends – personalize the map with a meaningful title and your choice of colors. Special places can be marked with a heart, star, or dot symbol.

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Love Your Mother… Mother Earth World Map

This heart shaped watercolor painting of the Earth is my original design, based on a unique antique map projection. The oceans and major water bodies are painted in a wash of light blue, and the continents are recognizable despite the distortion relative to the more common world maps. Love your Mother Earth!

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Bird Spotting in Costa Rica – Blue-Crowned Motmot Watercolor

In the new year, I am trying to prioritize finding time to paint for my own enjoyment… Taking on new subjects, trying out new paint colors, different painting techniques and styles, etc. I have thousands upon thousands of photographs taken over the past couple decades, and enjoy browsing them for painting inspirations. It was in my folder of Costa Rica photos that I found a series of images of a beautiful male blue-crowned motmot, and decided to use him as inspiration for a new bird watercolor.

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San Francisco Bay Area, Alameda & Oakland

I recently designed this artsy watercolor map of the San Francisco Bay area, with Alameda Island as a focal point and Oakland visible to the east.  I’ve had the opportunity to personalize this map for two different customers, and am pleased with how it has turned out in varying color schemes.

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Richmond Virginia Art Map

I present to you my new map of Richmond, Virginia! This map features the James River at center, and major roadways and bridges are visible within this abstract map design.

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Love for Idaho

My husband and I had the pleasure to visit this gorgeous state 10 years ago, to spend a week with good friends who had relocated from Virginia to Moscow, ID.  The scenery was like nothing I’d ever seen growing up in New England.

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Watercolor Map of Florida

There is great artistic potential in this newly created Florida watercolor map!  The sunshine state is a perfect candidate to be painted in many of my vibrant color schemes.  

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My Craft Show Debut!

Tomorrow I will be a vendor at the South County HS 2016 Craft Show in Lorton, VA.  I have everything all packed up and ready to go... See the below image for details and a coupon!  I will have a variety of paintings for sale, with a special discount for...

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