The red-winged blackbird has always been one of my favorite birds, and Charley Harper is one of my favorite artists. A few years ago, I received this serigraph for Christmas, and it currently hangs above my computer desk. The colors are vibrant and quite detailed, and the picture shows a flock of males going after an insect.
In the November 1960 issue of Ford Times, Charley Harper wrote an article entitled “American Bird Census” and included this Red-Winged Blackbirds II artwork with the following description:
“If Blackbirds were made into pies, the Red-Wing would fill every pastry shop from coast to coast, for he is probably our most numerous bird species. This is less surprising when you consider that he practices polygamy. A 1959 Christmas Count group in Norfolk County, Virginia, recorded eight million Red-wings, the greatest number of individuals of any species found in any fifteen-mile-wide pie in America.”

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