Hello! The Blue Jay Bay website is a showcase of my art and a compilation of creative subjects that inspire my life and work. I like to think of myself as a Scientist-Artist hybrid. I love to observe the world around me and paint with watercolors. I worked for many years as an ecologist and cartographer, and have been an avid photographer since childhood.  My interests also include illustration, calligraphy, map design, and stamp carving.  I have enjoyed photographing nature, landscapes, and seascapes for over 25 years, and often use these inspirations in my artwork. I am a bird watcher and am always delighted to spot any and all feathered friends. One of my favorites is the red-winged blackbird, and I am particularly excited about bald eagles, snowy owls, flamingos, woodpeckers, and of course blue jays.

I am a New Englander living in Virginia, and I appreciate the proximity of the nation’s capital despite the humidity and mosquitoes. I love to travel, and my favorite places thus far are Monteverde, Costa Rica; Machu Picchu, Peru; Paris; and the rocky Maine coastline.  When on the home front, I enjoy the simple life with my husband, two daughters, one dog, and one cat. You will find my pets sprinkled through my Instagram posts.

Artistic Approach

I explore my artistic side with the analytical mind of a scientist and the creative heart of a naturalist. When painting with watercolors, I notice the details as well as the broader patterns of light and color. I find inspiration in the play of of light and dark. Some of my painting designs are semi-abstract, while others offer a more realistic depiction of the subject matter.  I often paint with a limited palette, using just two paint colors in a single piece of art.

My personalized, original watercolor paintings are available at my Etsy shop, BlueJayBay.  I also have designed a collection of apparel and home goods products using my art, which are available at my Blue Jay Bay Zazzle shop. Please take a look and feel free to contact me.  Thank you for visiting!